LIRC libraries
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 Driver API manual excerptDriver API manual excerpt
 Client API manual excerpt.Client API manual excerpt
 Client APIBasic interface to 3-rd party applications
 User-space driver APIBasic interface for user-space drivers, aimed to be included in each driver
 Internal APIInternal API for lirc applications
 Python client bindingsUnstable python interfaces to read and send lirc data
 Classes to receive keypressesInterface to read raw code strings like irw(1) or translated application strings like ircat(1)
 Classes to send commandsClasses to send a Command to lircd and parse the reply
 Internal parser FSMInternal parser FSM
 Commands to control lircdCanned classes, one for each command in the lircd(8) socket interface
 Commands to control lircrcdCanned classes, one for each command in the lircrcd(l8) socket interface
 python configuration databasePython access to the configuration data