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python configuration database

Python access to the configuration data. More...


 Read-only configuration database.


class  lirc.database.ItemLookupError
 A lookup failed, either too namy or no matches found. More...
class  lirc.database.Config
 The configuration selected, and it's sources. More...
class  lirc.database.Database
 Reflects the *.yaml files in the configs/ directory. More...


string lirc.database._YAML_MSG

Detailed Description

Python access to the configuration data.

The database is loaded from some YAML files:

The directory used to load these files is (first match used):

Although python cannot guarantee this, the database is designed as a read-only structure.

Simple usage examples lives in doc/: data2hwdb and data2table. The lirc-setup script provides a more elaborated example. Data structures are basically documented in the yaml files.