LIRC libraries
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 ciniparser.cParser for ini files
 ciniparser.hParser for ini files
 config_file.cImplements config_file.h
 config_file.hParses the lircd.conf config file
 config_flags.hFlags shared between config_file and dump_config
 curl_poll.cImplements curl_poll.h
 curl_poll.hWrapper for poll(2) using select(2) when poll() is unavailable
 dictionary.cImplements a dictionary for string variables
 dictionary.hImplements a dictionary for string variables.This module implements a simple dictionary object, i.e. a list of string/string associations. This object is useful to store e.g. information retrieved from a configuration file (ini files)
 driver.cImplements driver.h
 driver.hInterface to the userspace drivers
 drv_admin.cImplements drv_admin.h
 drv_admin.hRoutines for dynamic drivers
 drv_enum.cImplemenents drv_enum.h
 drv_enum.hDynamic drivers device enumeration support
 dump_config.cImplements dump_config.h
 dump_config.hDumps data structures into file
 input_map.cImplements input_map.h
 input_map.hButton namespace derived from Linux input layer
 ir_remote.cImplements ir_remote.h
 ir_remote.hDescribes and decodes the signals from IR remotes
 ir_remote_types.hDescribes and decodes the signals from IR remotes
 irrecord.cImplements irrecord.h
 irrecord.hLibrary part of irrecord, functions to identify unknown remotes
 line_buffer.cppLine buffered input on top of e
 line_buffer.hImplements the line buffer class
 lirc_client.cImplements lirc_client.h
 lirc_client.h3-rd party application interface
 lirc_config.hLocal configuration constants not managed by autotools
 lirc_driver.hMain include file for user space drivers
 lirc_log.cImplements lirc_log.h
 lirc_log.hLogging functionality
 lirc_options.cImplements lirc_options.h
 lirc_options.hOptions management: options file, parse and retrieve
 lirc_private.hMain include file for lirc applications
 receive.cImplements receive.h
 receive.hFunctions that decode IR codes
 release.cImplements release.h
 release.hAutomatic release event generation
 serial.cImplements serial.h
 serial.hCommon routines for hw that uses the standard serial port driver
 transmit.cImplements transmit.h
 transmit.hFunctions that prepare IR codes for transmitting
 _client.cPython bindings for part of lirc_client.hThese bindings provides python3 access to some of the lirc_client.h functions
 async_client.pyAsynchronous python bindings for the lircd socket interface
 client.pyTop-level python bindings for the lircd socket interface
 database.pyRead-only configuration database