LIRC libraries
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAsyncConnectionAsynchronous read interface on top of an AbstractConnection
 C_StateInternal FSM state
 CAbstractConnectionAbstract interface for all connections
 CBadPacketExceptionMalformed or otherwise unparsable packet received
 CCodeCommandTranslate a keypress to application string, see CODE in lircrcd(8)
 CCommandCommand, parser and connection container with a run() method
 CCommandConnectionExtends the parent with a send() method
 CDrvOptionCommandSet a driver option value, see DRV_OPTION in lircd(8) manpage
 CGetModeCommandGet current translation mode, see GETMODE in lircrcd(8)
 CIdentCommandIdentify client using the prog token, see IDENT in lircrcd(8)
 CLircdConnectionInterface to receive lircrc-translated keypresses
 CListKeysCommandList available keys in given remote, see LIST in lircd(8) manpage
 CListRemotesCommandList available remotes, see LIST in lircd(8) manpage
 CRawConnectionInterface to receive code strings as described in lircd(8)
 CReplyThe status/result from parsing a command reply
 CReplyParserHandles the actual parsing of a command reply
 CResultPublic reply parser result, available when completed
 CSendCommandSend given key, see SEND_ONCE in lircd(8) manpage
 CSetLogCommandStart/stop logging lircd output , see SET_INPUTLOG in lircd(8) manpage
 CSetModeCommandSet current translation mode, see SETMODE in lircrcd(8)
 CSetTransmittersCommandSet transmitters to use, see SET_TRANSMITTERS in lircd(8) manpage
 CSimulateCommandSimulate a button press, see SIMULATE in lircd(8) manpage
 CStartRepeatCommandStart repeating given key, see SEND_START in lircd(8) manpage
 CStopRepeatCommandStop repeating given key, see SEND_STOP in lircd(8) manpage
 CTimeoutExceptionTimeout receiving data from remote host
 CVersionCommandGet lircd version, see VERSION in lircd(8) manpage
 CConfigThe configuration selected, and it's sources
 CDatabaseReflects the *.yaml files in the configs/ directory
 CItemLookupErrorA lookup failed, either too namy or no matches found
 C_dictionary_Dictionary object
 Cbutton_stateState while recording buttons, privates besides commented
 Cdecode_ctx_tState describing code, pre, post + gap and repeat state
 CdriverThe data the driver exports i
 Cdrv_enum_udev_whatCondition to match in drv_enum_udev()
 CflaglistDescription of flag to print
 Cgap_statePrivate state in get_gap_length()
 Cir_code_nodeAn ir_code for entering into (singly) linked lists, i.e
 Cir_ncodeIR Command, corresponding to one (command defining) line of the configuration file
 Cir_remoteOne remote as represented in the configuration file
 Clengths_stateState in get_lengths(), private besides commented
 CLineBufferAfter appending, data can be retrieved as lines
 Clirc_cmd_ctxThe data needed to run a command on remote server
 Cmain_stateOverall state in main
 Coption_tArgument for DRV_SET_OPTION
 CoptsParsed run-time options, reflects long_options and the command line, mostly a const object
 Ctoggle_statePrivate state in get_togggle_bit_mask()