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lirc.client.RawConnection Class Reference

Interface to receive code strings as described in lircd(8). More...

Inheritance diagram for lirc.client.RawConnection:
lirc.client.AbstractConnection lirc.client.CommandConnection

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def readline
 Implements AbstractConnection.readline(). More...
def fileno
 Implements AbstractConnection.fileno(). More...
def has_data
 Implements AbstractConnection.has_data()
def close
 Implements AbstractConnection.close()
- Public Member Functions inherited from lirc.client.AbstractConnection
def __enter__
def __exit__
def readline
 Read a buffered line. More...
def fileno
 Return the file nr used for IO, suitable for select() etc. More...
def has_data
 Return true if next readline(None) won't block . More...
def close
 Close/release all resources.

Detailed Description

Interface to receive code strings as described in lircd(8).

  • socket_path: lircd output socket path, see get_default_socket_path() for defaults.
  • prog: Program name used in lircrc decoding, see ircat(1). Could be omitted if only raw keypresses should be read.

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Member Function Documentation

def lirc.client.RawConnection.fileno (   self,

Implements AbstractConnection.fileno().

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def lirc.client.RawConnection.readline (   self,

Implements AbstractConnection.readline().

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