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lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection Class Reference

Asynchronous read interface on top of an AbstractConnection. More...

Inheritance diagram for lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection:

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def close
 Clean up loop and the base connection. More...
def readline
def __aiter__
 Return async iterator. More...
def __anext__
def __aenter__
def __aexit__

Detailed Description

Asynchronous read interface on top of an AbstractConnection.

  • connection: Typically a lirc.RawConnection or lirc.LircdConnection.
  • loop: AbstractEventLoop, typically obtained using asyncio.get_event_loop().

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Member Function Documentation

def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.__aenter__ (   self)
Implement "async with". 

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def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.__aexit__ (   self,
Implement exit from "async with". 

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def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.__aiter__ (   self)

Return async iterator.

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def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.__anext__ (   self)
Implement async 

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def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.close (   self)

Clean up loop and the base connection.

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def lirc.async_client.AsyncConnection.readline (   self,
Asynchronous get next line from the connection. 

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