Support for TV Cards


Note: I leave this page here only for historical reasons. In the meantime many more TV cards are supported than listed here. You will find the up-to-date list of supported cards inside the setup dialog of the LIRC package.

The following page shows you the state of TV card driver development. Please make sure you are using the most up-to-date LIRC version (preferably git version) if you are trying one of the TV card drivers. Support for more TV cards can only be added if someone volunteers to maintain the according driver. Chances are good that also other TV cards will work with these drivers or will need only minor changes. Please tell the according authors or me if you manage to make your TV card work with these drivers.

Model Remarks Status
CPH0xx cards (Askey, Typhoon, Anubis, TView, etc.) Please send me a notice if you managed to make this card work. working
Chronos Video Shuttle II   working
Hauppauge TV cards   working
AVerMedia TV cards I'd like to thank the people from the German division of AVerMedia for supporting us in implementing these drivers. working
Fly Video 98   working
Pixelview TV cards There seem to be two different kinds of remote control adapters for these TV cards; one connected to the serial port and one connected directly to the TV card. Chances are good that both models will be supported. Code for the serial port models are already available in the CVS. n/a - working
Pixelview PlayTV pro   working
Prolink PV-BT878P+4E (PixelView PlayTV PAK)   working
Pixelview RemoteMaster
Pixelview RemoteMaster
A proper config file is still missing. Contact me if you have this remote control. n/a
Grand TV Pro This TV card comes with a receiver connected to the serial port. Making LIRC support for it will be trivial. I will actually add LIRC support for it if enough people send me a mail (or money ;-) ). n/a
ProVideo PV951   working
BestBuy Easy TV   working

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