Important: The infomation found here is obsolete. The LIRC CVS repository is not updated anymore. The current source repository is maintained in the Git repository.

LIRC CVS is hosted at SourceForge. You can get a copy of the current CVS tree using anonymous CVS login. First log in to the cvs server (press <enter> for password):
    cvs login
Get the sources:
    cvs -z8 co lirc
After initial checkout, you can change into this directory and execute cvs commands without the -d option. For example:
    cvs update
    cd lirc
You can ignore the complaints about missing files. You need at least libtool-1.5.22, automake-1.9.6 and autoconf-2.61 to build the necessary files. Older versions might not work. But you might also experience problems with more recent versions of the tools. Please don't report problems that occur with versions other than listed here.

You can also get single files from CVS via http.

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