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Ira/Tira devices can operate in two recording modes:

The purpose of 6 byte mode is controlling your PC with the remote control while the timing mode is used to record reproducible IR signals to control other devices (TV, amplifier, etc.).

LIRC includes two separate drivers for the Tira: tira uses 6 bytes mode and supports transmitting of IR signals, tira_raw uses timing mode. The hardware does not support transmit in timing mode. If you want to transmit infra-red signals with the Tira this means that you need to use the tira_raw driver to create a config file with irrecord and later have to use this config file to transmit with the tira driver. But you need to create another config file even for the same remote in 6 byte mode if you want to receive from any remote because the config files created are not compatible between the two modes of operation.