The asccociation process of the iMON 2.4G DT/LT remote.

Due to the design (could probably have been better), an application needs to have an open connection to the lirc-daemon*, to allow the association process to start.

To associate the remote you need 2 terminals.

1 To:
Find the "sys" entry and start the association process
2 To:
Start a process that has a connection open to the lirc-daemon

The example is shown for bash but sould be quite easy to adapt for (t)csh

 Term #1                                    | Term #2
# file=`find /sys -name associate_remote`   |
                                            |# irw
# echo > $file                              |

Then you hold down a button on the remote. And soon the "irw" process should start to spit out keycodes. Just stop


the "irw" process, and you should be good to go.

*) This is because the USB device connection is only initialized when the lirc-daemon gets a connection to an application, and when it is closed, the USB device connection gets closed too. So only in this period it is possible to send packages to the usb-device.