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transmit.h File Reference

(ae09b60 2015-02-12 15:37:34 +0100)

Functions that prepare IR codes for transmitting. More...

#include "ir_remote.h"

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#define WBUF_SIZE   256


void send_buffer_init (void)
 Clear and re-initiate the buffer. More...
int send_buffer_put (struct ir_remote *remote, struct ir_ncode *code)
 Initializes the global send buffer for transmitting the code in the second argument, residing in the remote in the first. More...
int send_buffer_length (void)
 Do not document this function. More...
const lirc_t * send_buffer_data (void)
lirc_t send_buffer_sum (void)

Detailed Description

Functions that prepare IR codes for transmitting.

Christoph Bartelmus

Operations in this module applies to the transmit buffer. The buffer is initiated using send_buffer_init(), filled with data using send_buffer_put() and accessed using send_buffer_data() and send_buffer_length().

A prepared buffer contains an even number of unsigned ints, each of which representing a pulse width in microseconds. The first item represents a pulse and the last thus a space.

Copyright (C) 1999 Christoph Bartelmus

Definition in file transmit.h.