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receive.h File Reference

(224d389 2017-05-14 20:39:25 +0200)

Functions that decode IR codes. More...

#include <stdint.h>
#include "ir_remote.h"

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#define MIN_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT   100000
 Min value returned by receive_timeout. More...


void rec_set_update_mode (int mode)
 Set update mode, where recorded pre_data is verified to match the template pre_data. More...
void rec_buffer_set_logfile (FILE *f)
 Set a file logging input from driver in same format as mode2(1). More...
int waitfordata (uint32_t maxusec)
 If set_waitfordata(func) is called, invoke and return function set this way. More...
void set_waitfordata_func (int(*func)(uint32_t maxusec))
 Set the function used by waitfordata(). More...
void rec_buffer_init (void)
 Clear internal buffer to pristine state. More...
int rec_buffer_clear (void)
 Flush the internal fifo and store a single code read from the driver in it.
int receive_decode (struct ir_remote *remote, struct decode_ctx_t *ctx)
 Decode data from remote. More...
void rec_buffer_rewind (void)
 Reset the modules's internal fifo's read state to initial values where the nothing is read. More...
void rec_buffer_reset_wptr (void)
 Reset internal fifo's write pointer. More...

Detailed Description

Functions that decode IR codes.

Christoph Bartelmus

Definition in file receive.h.